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Democracy as our subject, programme, and vision.

Our Vision

Our vision is a vibrant and strong democracy in Switzerland, Europe and beyond. Democracies thrive on people who know their rights, uphold democratic values and human rights, and actively and respectfully stand up for their interests and the common good.

We are committed to political education in order to cultivate our democratic political culture. Because a living democracy and a democratic political culture need people with democracy skills. In addition to knowledge and concrete skills, this also includes a democratic attitude and an orientation towards democratic values.

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Photo: Word cloud, created at the General Assembly 2021


Our Mission

The Demokrative is committed to action-oriented, scientifically sound and democratic political education and thus contributes to the strengthening of our democracy. With civic education, we impart attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable people to meet the constant challenges of our democracy(ies).

Democracy is a constant challenge and requires a variety of competences. These competences are fostered through civic education. Demokrative is committed to strengthening civic education by developing innovative and scientifically sound offerings and by participating in professional discourse in Switzerland and internationally and by fostering exchange in both formal and non-formal education at home and abroad.

We stand for political education that makes different perspectives and controversial issues visible and enables people to recognise and represent their interests, to participate in political processes and to treat their fellow human beings and their concerns with respect.


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Photo: Train the Trainers Programme 2021


Our values

The Demokrative is a non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit organisation. We stand for innovative and scientifically based political education, live democracy and participation and respect human rights

Innovation and quality: We develop offers that use current knowledge and innovative teaching and learning formats and are committed to the further development and dissemination of internationally established methods and principles.

Scientific soundness: We convey content that reflects the scientific discourse in a language and accuracy appropriate for the target group and that highlights the central viewpoints in the professional discourse. Up-to-date subject knowledge forms the basis for future-oriented educational offers; we are committed to the transfer between science and practice.

Participation and inclusion: We strive for inclusive and sustainable cooperation at eye level with all stakeholders. Democratic values, attitudes and a way of dealing with each other that is conducive to democracy are the subject and goal of our work and we also implement this in our daily work. In educational work, participation and inclusion mean that democratic processes are made tangible and democratic manners and co-determination are practised. The addressees do not participate passively, but are actively involved.

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Photo: The Demodice on Democracy Day 2021