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Dossier: War in Ukraine - How did the war come about?

There is war in Europe and we are shaken. The defense of democracy and human rights is more important than ever. The Russian attack on Ukraine is also an attack on democracy and human rights.

War poses a great challenge to civic education. We are exposed to a flood of information and horrific news and worried about our future. Questions of all kinds arise. Much information is contradictory and cannot be verified. On other issues, everyone suddenly seems to agree.

As a support for all people who now have to answer young people's questions, especially teachers, parents, youth and social workers etc., we provide a dossier on the war in Ukraine. The first part consists of the text 'War in Ukraine. How did the war come about?' as well as a collection of materials and can be downloaded here: [Link Dossier War in Ukraine, Part 1].

As most of you know, Demokrative finances itself exclusively through earmarked funds for project work. The somewhat spontaneous compilation of this dossier is not funded. You can support the further work on the dossier with a donation: [association account].

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