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Invitation to the final event of the "Peer Processes”

Invitation to the final event of the "Peer Processes”


After our event "Democracy Competencies in Practice" on 21.10.21, in November, 14 organizations in international peer groups started a six-step process to analyze democracy competencies and further develop their activities. Through materials and coaching, they learned to use the Reference Framework of Competencies for a Democratic Culture (RFCDC) for their learning activities.

At the final event we will give you an insight into the results:

The different practitioners will show you concrete examples of how they apply the framework. From cultural education in museums, to digital democracy games, to innovative school lessons, everything is included! At the event, you can choose which project you would like to further explore. In addition, experts will give answers to common questions and we will share our experiences with the project in order to draw conclusions for future similar formats together.

The event is open to all interested parties. You are welcome to register by 3/31/22 at:

We will send you the Zoom link after the registration deadline.