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Publications and reports


Collection of publications published by Demokrative, or co-authored by Demokrative members or project participants (most recent at the top):

War in Ukraine. How did the war come about? Text and collection of information material, Sabine Jenni, March 2022. [Link]

Strengthen Democracy! The initiative Demokrative  Sabine Jenni and Rebecca Welge, VPOD Bildungspolitik 2017, June 2020.

Teaching Democratic Norms and Values with Analogue Games. Saskia P. Ruth-Lovell, Rebecca Welge, Robert Lovell, 2019, in Encyclopedia of Educational Innovation, Springer: Singapur. [Link]

The Reception of the Beutelsbach Consensus in German-speaking Switzerland, Rebecca Welge and Béatrice Ziegler, 2016, in: Benedikt Widmaier; Peter Zorn (Hrsg.) Brauchen wir den Beutelsbacher Konsens?, Schriftenreihe der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Bonn.

Political Participation and Civic Education in Switzerland. An Empirical Study of the Participation Behavior of Young Adults in Switzerland. Daniela Andrea Koller, 2017. dissertation, University of Bern, faculty Universität Bern, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Institute of Political Science. [Link]

Civic Education in the School Classroom: Promoting Participation or Rather Discouraging It? Daniela Koller, 2017, in: Bulletin Vereinigung der Schweizerischen Hochschuldozierenden, Politikwissenschaft und Politische Bildung, 43. Jahrgang, Nr.1, [Link]


Reports of events and projects

Democracy 2021 Roundtable. Media Competencies. How do we use media in our democracy? By Patrik Kessler, May 2021. [Link]

NECE Focus Group on 'Competences for Democratic Culture'. Recommendations and Documentation. networking european citizenship education. Contributions by Rebecca Welge, Vienna, December 2020. [Link]

Insight: Online workshop democracy building blocks. By Emma Alber, April 2021.

Democracy Roundtable 2019. "Opportunities and risks of digitalization for democracies". By Olina Welge, December 2019. [Link]


Others about us

Values: the building blocks of a democracy. ventuno ESD for school practice 03/2021, p. 7 [Link]

Does majority rule make democracy? Civic education at the Kantonsschule Solothurn (KSSO). By Christa Meier, DBK aktuell 2/2019, pp. 8-9. [Link]


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