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Dossier on the war in Ukraine


We provide a dossier on the war in Ukraine to support all people, in particular teachers, parents, youth- and social workers etc. who have to answer questions of young people about the war in Ukraine. The dossier is provided as a PDF in German, English and Italian.

To complete our dossier, we recommend the action SENBAZURU for peace [download the Pdf description].





The games which were developed within the project Demogames are now available for free as “print&play”! Find out more about the Democracy Game Box and download the game rules and material here:

Are you interested in a facilitated event with the games? Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Let’s play Democracy Barometer


The games developed within our project Let’s play Demokratiebarometer can be download for free, this includes the game instructions and handouts for teachers.

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Free my internet

Freyburg, Tina; Garbe, Lisa; Wavre, Veronique; Universität St. Gallen (Hrsg.). Deutschsprachige Übersetzung: Freyburg, Tina; Welge Rebecca, 2021. 40 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-9525450-2-7

A graphic journey from infrastructure to shutdowns

The brochure illustrates scientific research in the form of vivid short stories, there are suitable for young people from 12 years and are available for class size.

Can be ordered for free at the Zentrum Polis. [Link]

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