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Building blocks of democracy

„I have noticed that there are not always clear answers. There are so many aspects to consider…"

Quote from pupils' feedback in the evaluation of the school workshops 2018/19

The project

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The building blocks of democracy are both a teaching concept that can be transferred to various topics and concrete guided learning modules for dealing with democratic principles and (value) controversies. The learning modules have been used in various contexts since 2016.

Since 2017, Demokrative has been school workshops with democracy building block modules (so far in German-speaking Switzerland, a launch in Ticino is in preparation). Since 2019, workshops for classes and groups have been offered at the Polit-Forum Bern. Since 2020, Demokrative has been responsible for the train-the-trainers

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programme to enlarge the project's team of trainers. Demokrative would like to support the project in the longer term and plans to develop building blocks of democracy learning modules on new topics.

The project has so far been financially supported by the foundation éducation21 (several school workshops), the Walter and Ambrosina Oertli Foundation (translations) and the Paul Schiller Foundation (train-the-trainers programme ). For a complete list of cooperation partners see [list on the project website] (in German).


Project news and ressources

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Currently, we conduct activities mainly in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Please switch language settings and check the German project description for news and ressources.

Some of the building block modules are available in English as well, please contact us for further information (see below).


Project team and contact

The developers of the democracy building blocks are Rebecca Welge and Sabine Jenni. Eight trainees are currently participating in the train-the-trainers programme, some of whom are already involved in co-moderation or further development of the programme.

If you are interested in a workshop or have questions about the project, please contact Sabine Jenni by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photo 1: Dominik Müller, Workshop Kantonsschule Solothurn

Photo 2: Susanne Goldschmid, Workshop Polit-Forum Bern