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Democracy is our topic, programme and goal

The association Demokrative - Initiative for civic education promotes civic education,

  • which deals with democracy, i.e. teaches about democracy and enables people to analyse democratic values and political processes and to form their own opinions;
  • which lives democracy as a programme, i.e. which lives up to democratic principles and makes democracy tangible;
  • which aims at democracy, i.e. contributes to a functioning democracy by enabling people to actively stand up for their interests in democratic processes.

Demokrative attaches great importance to scientifically sound basis for the content of civic education. This means that civic education projects mirror the scientific discourse on a topic in a language and accuracy appropriate for the target group. To this end, Demokrative supports the cooperation of experts from the fields of didactics, education, political science and civic education.

Demokrative assumes that civic education is invaluable for different target groups and therefore strives to make civic education accessible to as broad a population as possible. In order to reach diverse groups, the topics of civic education are chosen in a way that they are relevant to the living environment of the participants.