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The operational work of Demokrative is carried out by a team of freelancers, committed volunteers, an intern and an employee under the guidance of the managing director. Other honorary staff and volunteers work selectively in projects and as representatives of Demokrative in various networks.

The association currently has no office space. The Demokrative maintains a digital platform for the coordination of the association, project work, for the exchange within the team as well as with the board and association members.


SJenni sw



Dr. Sabine Jenni, managing director


       Patrik Kessler     

Patrik Kessler, employee managment



Johanna Website   Johanna Flach, intern        


Robin Koch, accounting

Bernard Krummenacher, e-learning Plattform

Daniel Messelken, IT/Groupware/Websites


Project-team DEMOGAMES

Johanna Flach, game development

Robert Lovell, game development, focus on game mechanics and game design

Sabine Jenni, Project coordination and game design

Niklas Krüger, game design

Francis Stieglitz, Graphic design

Rebecca Welge, Project coordination and game development (until 2021)


Project-team Demokratiebausteine

Sabine Jenni, Porject Managment and development of Demokratiebausteine

Rebecca Welge, Project Managment and development of Demokratiebausteine (until 2021)

Bernard Krummenacher, Digitalization of the Demokratiebausteine-Unit

Sarah Preiswerk, communication and trainer-in-training

Franziska Hedinger, trainer-in-training

Michael Strebel, trainer-in-training


Project-team Let's play Demokratiebarometer

Robert Lovell,

Saskia Ruth-Lovell,

Rebecca Welge,


Project-teams Runder Tisch (round table)

Jeannette Behringer, Runder Tisch 2021

Marina Bolzli, Runder Tisch 2021

Patrik Kessler, Runder Tisch 2019 und 2021

Olina Welge, Runder Tisch 2019


Representatives of Demokrative in Networks

Patrik Kessler, Verein L200

Bernard Krummenacher, BNE Network extracurricual actors

Sarah Preiswerk, Polit-Baukasten Basel

Rebecca Welge, DARE



Gudrun Bartels