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On this page we inform about current events and projects of the association Demokrative - Initiative for Civic Education. Please switch the language settings to display german-language entries as well.

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Bildschirmfoto 2021 04 13 um 10.10.10DEMOGAMES LOGO TRANSPARENTWe are happy to invite 5 young people (between the ages of 18 and 24) from Switzerland (residency in Switzerland) to take part in a Youth Exchange activity on learning about, for, and through democracy with analog games.

The activity will take place place from June 7th to 12th, 2021, in Mühlhausen, Germany.

The youth exchange is part of our international project “Democracy and Games: Analog and Digital Game-Based-Learning Tools for Youth Work” - DEMOGAMES (more information on the project [here]).

Please download the detailed [Call for Participants] for objectives of the activity, participants profile, application procedure and COVID 19 disclaimer.

The application deadline is May 3rd, 2021. Successful applicants will be informed by May 7th.

Wortwolke GV 2021 webAfter months of preparation, we can now officially announce: the Demokrative has a new board of directors and new co-directors. This and other things, such as the approval of the annual report for 2020, were decided by the members of the Demokrative on 3 March 2021 at the annual general assembly.

The new board consists of Marina Bolzli (previous member) and Emma Alber, Patrik Kessler, Daniela Koller, Michael Strebel (new). The board will be supported in the operative work of the association by a team led by the co-directors Rebecca Welge and Sabine Jenni.

In this way, we are transferring the well-established operational co-direction of projects and activities by the two initiators of the Demokrative to the new structure of the association. With the new and enlarged board, we are creating the foundations and capacities for our plans, projects and wishes for the future. If you are interested, we will gladly send you the annual report 2020 as a PDF (in German, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

A little insight and outlook at the same time: The word cloud shows what is important to the members who were present at this years general assembly about the work of the Demokrative (in German, again).

NECE reportBack in December, we wrote here that the report of the NECE focus group on experiences in various European countries with the implementation of the Council of Europe's Reference Framework for Competences for a Democratic Culture has been published. In this report, Demokrative describes respective experiences in the Demogames and Building Blocks of Democracy projects and discusses opportunities and challenges in implementing the RFCDC in Switzerland.

Following the online publication, printed copies of the report "NECE Focus Group on 'Competences for Democratic Culture'. Recommendations and Documentation" are now available.

The NECE focus group report is free of charge. We are happy to send printed copies against payment of CHF 5 (for postage, packaging, if sent within Switzerland). If more than one copy is order or if the order is to be sent sent abroad, higher postage costs may be charged. Limited number of copies available. Please order at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A special year is slowly coming to an end. Many thanks to all members, Weihnachtsbaumfellow activists, project partners and donors for the good collaboration and continuous support.

We have many plans for the coming year and are looking forward to realising them!

For now, we wish you a happy and relaxing holiday season.

Take care, stay healthy and see you in 2021!

Several analogue and digital democracy games are currently in development in the framework of our project DEMOGAMES. Did you ever wonder what could be an educational game? With the following overview, we are happy to provide you now an insight into ongoing game-development: please download the descriptions in [The Games in Development] as PDF. As game-development is ongoing, selection and description of the games is provisory.

Also, we are happy to announce that Migros Kulturprozent agreed to contribute financially to the dissemination of DEMOGAMES in Switzerland. Fundraising and planning of dissemination events is ongoing, we will inform you in due time here.

NECE reportThe NECE Focus Group on the Council of Europe's Reference Framework on Competences for a Democratic Culture has published its final report. In the focus group, Demokrative presented experiences in the Demogames and Building Blocks of Democracy projects. In the report, Demokrative describes in detail the experiences made in these projects with the 'Competences for a Democratic Culture'.

"NECE Focus Group on 'Competences for Democratic Culture'. Recommendations and Documentation" - [download PDF here].

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