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co funded ErasmusThe  project 'Analog and Digital Game-Based-Learning Tools for Youth Work', DEMOGAMES (Erasmus+ KA2 – Youth in Action, 2019-2022) is based on the didactic approach of game-based learning and applies it to teaching young citizens on democracy. Quartettkarten CHThe main outcome of DEMOGAMES will be a “democracy game box” (D-BOX), which will include a set of analogue and digital democracy games that practitioners (youth workers, trainers, and teachers) can use to teach democracy from different perspectives and to engage young people in a participatory way.
Demokrative is the Swiss cooperation partner in the DEMOGAMES project, which follows on from our Lets' Play Democracy Barometer project.

DARE published a new textbook/toolkit on Populism, Post-factualism and Radicalisation and its relation to Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) work with young people.
The publication [» “STEPS – Survival Toolkit for EDC in Post-factual Societies”] includes case reports and policy analysis on the consequences of right-populist and right-wing agenda setting on EDC work to discuss where pedagogical work with youth is concretely affected on a practical level: what practical concepts and approaches exist to work on these issues? The publication includes policy recommendations, expert texts, and a collection of tools and methods.
Our guest contribution 'Using (non-digital) games to teach and learn about Democracy' (authors: Rebecca Welge, Saskia Ruth-Lovell, Robert Lovell, p 93f.) shares insights from different activities, which are based on (analogous) games to foster education about and for democracy.

The [» European network DARE] advocates for independent human rights and democratic citizenship education. Demokrative is a member of the Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network since 2018.

logo democracy barometerThe project team will create a prototype for an analogue democracy game based on insights from the Democracy Barometer.
At the end of the project, the game documents including rules will be available as online print & play templates. In addition, a short handout with recommendations on how the prototype can best be embedded in teaching formats will be published online. The project leaders are our members Saskia Ruth-Lovell and Rebecca Welge, and Robert Lovell. The creation of the democracy game is financially supported by the Center for Democracy in Aarau. The project is also supported by the Research Center for Democratic Innovations of the Goethe-University Frankfurt. The game will be applied in teaching in the winter semester 2018/19 at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

We are happy to announce that Demokrative has been accepted as a member of DARE, the Network for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe. DARE currently has 44 member organisations from 24 countries. We are looking forward to exchange insights with organisations and professionals from very different backgrounds and to fruitful collaborations in future projects.

Robert Lovell participated on behalf of Demokrative at this year’s general assembly in Nafplio/ Greece. Robert is a specialist in board games and jointly with Dr. Saskia Ruth and Dr. Rebecca Welge the co-developer of the project ‚teaching democracy with analogue games’ (video about the project). Demokrative plans to support the further development of these games and especially supports their dissemination to non-academic target groups (for more information see Projects).

Praxisbeispiel DemokratiebausteinThe foundation éducation21 ( has included the building block of democracy on the subject of "participation rights" in its database of extracurricular actors.
There you will find detailed references to different curricula and competences - and other exciting offers.

Furthermore, our engagement at the NMS Bern was documented by éducation21 and is now online as a video-supported practical example 'Lernmodul Demokratiebausteine am Gymnasium NMS Bern' (available in DE/FR/IT).

Die Schulbesuche mit dem Dzf fruto webemokratiebaustein "Mitbestimmungsrechte" sind für das laufende Schuljahr abgeschlossen und sind allgemein bei Lehrkräften wie Schüler*innen und Lernenden gut angekommen. Dies zeigt die Evaluation der Schulbesuche, welche im Zeitraum November 2017 bis Februar 2018 an zwei Gymnasien und zwei Berufsfachschulen stattfanden in 14 Klassen mit insgesamt 221 Schüler*innen stattfanden. Die Schulbesuche wurden von der Stiftung éducation21 und teilweise von den Schulleitungen finanziell unterstützt.

Der Evaluationsbericht kann hier heruntergeladen werden: [ Evaluationsbericht_SekII_2017_18.pdf ]

Wir planen ein ein ähnliches Angebot für das Schuljahr 2018/19. Bist du Gymnasiast oder Berufsschülerin? Oder unterrichten Sie an einer Sek II - Schule? Melden Sie sich frühzeitig, wenn Sie die Demokratiebausteine an eine Sek II - Schule einladen möchten. Dann können wir in die Bedürfnisse eurer und Ihrer Schulen in unsere Planung aufnehmen.