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Demogames - online and collaborative

Gamedev session Utopia 20201211 screenshot web

The development of educational games on the topic of democracies within the framework of Demogames is in full swing! Although partly different than planned: in particular, the international youth exchange planned for 2020 had to be postponed and the first game tests could only be carried out at local meetings.

But: we met with our international cooperation partners more often than planned, simply online. A series of six meetings in December was particularly productive. At each meeting, a development team presented its own game and discussed it with representatives of all partner organisations.

Demokrative coordinates the development of analogue games in the framework of Demgames, and is particularly involved in the development of the games Participedia, Insel Utopia, and Demodice. An overview of the games in development will follow here in the new year - keep posted!

Photo: screenshot of the video conference on the game Island Utopia.