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We foster and maintain professional exchange in a national and international network. In particular, we participate in the exchange between actors from schools and the non-formal context of education as well as in the exchange between actors and institutions in areas whose topics and methods overlap with those of civic education.



Demokrative is a member of the following networks and organizations:



DARE - Network for Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe


foundation éducation21, network BNE actors of non-formal education [Link]

Logo L200

association L200



Friendly Organizations and Projects

including cooperation-partners (alphabetical list)

Association of german educational organizations


Campus for Democracy

POLBIL UnserNetzwerk CGE logo

CGE Erfurt e.V.

POLBIL UnserNetzwerk dsjlogo

umbrella organization of swiss youth parliaments

DA2 trucados profile pic

Da2 Trucados - Asociacion Cultural

Association's profile on


Demokratiezentrum Wien Logo

Centre for democracy Vienna


Logo Discuss it / Link zur Startseite

Discuss it!


giga logo


GIGA - German Institute for Global and Area Studies | Leibniz-Institut für Globale und Regionale Studien


International Institute Timisoara


NECE Network


PH Zürich

Zurich University of Teacher Education



"Politbaukasten" Basel


Universität Basel

Institute of political science at the University of Basel

POLBIL UnserNetzwerk logoPolitforumBern

Polit-Forum Bern

Project CH+

Logo inform


centre polis